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Wax Melts
Wax Melts
Wax Melts

The products I make smell amazing, you know that and I know that....  but we also know that they're a point in time during the day.  The soap?  It may evoke feelings of being energized in the morning or calm you down in an evening bath, which is great! but then it's over.   After that amazing bath with one of my amazing bath bombs?   You end up leave behind the lingering scent in the bath room... and you know what?  Sometimes you just want to keep the sniff party going... 

Introducing Wax Melts to sent your home! This wax is 100% soy designed specifically for electric wax warmers.  

Pop one or two cubes in your plate warmer and as they melt, they'll fill your senses with the delightful scents you've come to enjoy!  (Just in case you were wondering, Vanilla is my absolute favorite!)

  • Blossom:  This is a very floral scent, think Orange or Cherry Blossoms.  So fragrant!
  • Cherry Almond: So sweet, this one reminds me of the old timey cherry flavored lozenges.  mmmmmm 
  • Vanilla:  The quintessential vanilla.  So rich, so comforting... yes please! 

Note: These melts best perform in the plate warmer models, not the light bulb warmers.

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