Emulsified Sugar Scrub

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Emulsified Sugar Scrub

Say hello to soft and amazing skin!  If you've never tried an emulsified sugar scrub, you will swoon.  Traditional sugar scrubs are simply a blend of oil with sugar added which can sometimes leave you feeling greasy afterwards.  By emulsifying the mixture and choosing skin loving oils and butters, magic happens by turning the scrub into almost a lotion like product that moisturizes while it sloughs the dry skin away.  It rinses clean leaving your skin soft, smooth and silky. 

Works great on legs, feet, arms, elbows and hands.  The scrubbing action here may be too much for delicate facial skin, so best to leave facial cleansing to my dreamy soap and a washcloth. 

Choose the scent that tickles your fancy! Colors will vary, but will match the scent. 

Net Weight:  6oz

Ingredients: sugar, sunflower oil, mango butter, BTMS-50 (emulsifier), stearic acid, vitamin E, Benzoin Essential Oil, Phenoxyethanol (and) Caprylyl Glycol*.

*NOTE:  Since this product may have water introduced within the container, a preservative must be used to maintain a bacteria and mold free product.  All preservatives at Dreamy Suds are paraben, formaldehyde and phthalate free. 

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