Bath Fizzees

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Bath Fizzees
Bath Fizzees

Oh My Gosh.

I'll admit, I didn't understand what the bath bomb craze was all about, but after I tried one, I totally got it.  I have never really been a "bath person", but since creating these babies, I have certainly become one! 

My Bath Fizzees are packed with Avocado Oil, which is the same oil that I use in my lotion - I continue to use avocado oil for skin products because of it's incredible moisturizing properties!  I also use an emulsifier in these fizzees so that the oil is dispersed throughout your bath, not just sitting on top of your water.  By doing this, it doesn't leave you greasy, but soaks in for that smooth skin feel that we all strive for.  Finally, I use a variety of scents that range from fun and fruity to soothing and relaxing. 

You may notice some of these fizzees are super colorful which also colors the water - don't fret!  All of my colors are water soluble and combined with the emulsifier, they go right down the drain without sticking on you or your tub.

My favorite relaxing activity now is to take a nice hot bath with one of my luxurious bath fizzees.  Give it a try!  Your skin and senses will thank you! 

Since these are all handcrafted and packed manually, weights will vary, but typically range from 4.5 to 5.5 ounces.  Each are individually labeled.

Current Varieties Available:

Sweet Pea
Juicy Rose (contains dried rose petals)
Green Apple
Sea Breeze
Pink Grapefruit Bellini
Cucumber Melon
Oatmeal Milk and Honey (contains oats)
Black Raspberry
Spa Day
Cocoa Butter Cashmere
Snow Drop
Pink Quartz

Ingredients:  sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, sodium laurel sulfoacetate, avocado oil, fragrance, cream of tartar, polysorbate 80, distilled water, (may contain any of the following colorants) D&C red 27, D&C red 33, FD&C yellow 6, FD&C yellow 5, FD&C blue 1

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