Have any questions?  Send me an email at missy@dreamysuds.com and I am happy to provide information.  Here are some commonly asked questions I've received:


Q:  How is your luxurious handcrafted soap different from any other soap?

A:  I started backwards.  That's right - I knew what I wanted in the end result, so I reverse engineered it!  My decadent and dreamy bar soap is full of cocoa butter.  Why does that matter?  I knew that I wanted a luxurious and creamy bar of soap that moisturizes.  I also knew that not all of the cocoa butter actually turns into soap during the soapmaking process, so a lot of the moisturizing benefits are left in the bar. 

See, it's my belief that if you're intentional with ingredients instead of cutting corners, the result is an exceptional product.  I'm not interested in finding the cheapest ingredient, I'm interested in finding the greatest benefit.


Q:  How long does your indulgent bar soap last?

A:  There are many variables present that will determine the life of a bar of soap.   Water hardness, storage, age of soap, size of soap - all of these will affect the lifespan of a bar.  Here are some tips of what you can do to lengthen the life of your soap:

  • Store the soap in an elevated dish or rack that allows drainage.  Leaving soap in a "puddle" will soften the bar and wash away much faster.
  • Cut your soap in half!  Instead of bringing the whole bar in the shower, cut it in half using a regular knife.  You'd be surprised how much this stretches your uses!
  • Try a soap pallet or dish with drainage.  Little wooden pallets or dishes with elevation are designed to allow soap to drain between use and preserve your soap investment
  • Use a soap saver.  You can put your odds and ends of soap in a soap saver and use it like a loofah.  It will lather up like a dream and you get to use every last bubble of your soap.
  • For unused soap, store it unwrapped on a dry shelf.  I recommend using it within a year of purchase.


Q: Do you offer any other bath/beauty products?

A:  Absolutely!  There is more to great skin than just soap (though that is a solid foundation!) 


Q:  Why do you charge so much for shipping?  I can get shipping free from Amazon.

A:  Shipping is such a dirty word when shopping online, I get it.  I'll be honest though, shipping is an expense for anyone that ships something, Amazon included.  Dreamy Suds is not a large corporation, and as a small business, I don't get the discounts or ship the volume that big businesses do.  So like other small businesses, I have to pay the shipping - both in (raw materials) and out (customer purchases).  That said, I've worked hard to offer a tiered shipping cost model to be able to offer reduced and free shipping.  Consider stocking up to leverage the free shipping! 

  • Shipping on orders up to $59.99 = $8 shipping
  • Shipping on orders $60+ = Free Shipping


Q:  Do you do custom orders for soap?

A:  I love to work with others to get the creative juices flowing!  That said, my production schedule doesn't always allow for the time it can take to collaborate.  If you have a custom order inquiry, send me an email and let's see if and when we can work together!


Q:  I'm looking for vendors to support my fundraiser, would you be interested?

A:  I love to support my customers and community!  If you have a fundraising need, let's work together and see if we can make a difference together.  Contact me here!

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