Handcrafted artisan soap is not like your average soap purchased in the store.  Have any questions?  Shoot me an email at missy@dreamysuds.com and I am happy to provide information.  Here are some commonly asked questions I've received:


Q:  How is handcrafted soap different from commercial varieties?

A:  Many commercial products contain detergents and chemical agents to mimic certain properties of soap.  These detergents and agents can strip skin of it's natural oils and be drying.  In addition, the chemicals used to create commercial soap is a cheaper source of material for large corporations where the bottom line is priority one.  Handcrafted soap is made with Sodium Hydroxide (which is the proper name for lye) and oils or fats that are friendly and nourishing to the skin.  By combining the lye and fat, it initiates the saponification process that converts the oil to soap!  I only use oils and fats that I know nourish the skin instead of strip it.  You can find more information about how soap is made here in this blog post.


Q:  How long does artisan soap last?

A:  There are many variables present that will determine the life of a bar of soap.   Water hardness, storage, age of soap, size of soap - all of these will affect the lifespan of a bar.  Here are some tips of what you can do to lengthen the life of your soap:

  • Store the soap in an elevated dish or rack that allows drainage.  Leaving soap in a "puddle" will soften the bar and wash away much faster.
  • Cut your soap in half!  Instead of bringing the whole bar in the shower, cut it in half using a regular knife.  You'd be surprised how much this stretches your uses!
  • Try a soap pallet.  Little wooden pallets are designed to allow soap to drain between use and preserve your soap investment
  • Use a soap saver.  You can put your odds and ends of soap in a soap saver and use it like a loofah.  It will lather up like a dream and you get to use every last bubble of your soap.
  • For unused soap, store it unwrapped on a dry shelf.  I recommend using it within a year of purchase.


Q: Do you offer any other bath/beauty products?

A:  Absolutely!  There is more to great skin than just soap (though that is a solid foundation!)  Liquid Handwash, Shampoo, Conditioner, Bath Fizzees and more are now available at Dreamy Suds.  You can find what I have currently available in the Bath and Body Product line up.  I'm always playing around trying to whip up new Dreamy products - sign up for our newsletter on the home page and you'll be the first to know when they become available!


Q:  Shipping sucks.  Seriously, it sucks hard.  Why does shipping suck so hard?

A:  I honestly don't know, but I agree, it does.  It is stupid expensive to ship stuff, it's the bane of my existence!  I've made some changes to the shipping rates, trying to make it a little less crappy.  I hope it helps. 

  • Shipping on orders up to $25 = $5 shipping
  • Shipping on orders from $25.01 - $50 = $2.99 shipping
  • Shipping on orders $50+ = Free Shipping


Q:  Do you do custom orders for soap?

A:  I do!  I love to know what my customers want and then provide it to them.  If you don't see a particular sent, color or design that you want for any of my products, send me an email and let's chat!


Q:  I'm looking for vendors to support my fundraiser, would you be interested?

A:  I love to support my customers and community!  If you have a fundraising need, let's work together and see if we can make a difference together.  Contact me here!


As additional questions are asked, I'll update the page to provide more information.  I hope you enjoy your Dreamy Suds!