About Us

Dreamy Suds was created quite seredipitously in an effort to reduce the harsh chemicals in my family's bathroom.   Learning about all the parabens, pthalates and even formaldehyde in our daily products made my stomach churn!  I set out to find more natural alternatives and in my research I found that it was fairly easy to make soap.  Once I gained the courage to try it, I fell head over heels in love with both the process and the end result!  From that point on, I ditched almost all of our commercial bathroom products to the curb and make everything out of ingredients that I am comfortable with - AND they make us feel amazing.   

I make everything I offer from scratch and by hand in small batches in my soap studio in Maple Valley Washington.  I buy local ingredients like beeswax, honey and goatmilk and source all of my ingredients from trusted soap and oil suppliers. 

My husband and daughter love what I pump out of the studio and are my biggest cheerleaders.  Without their support, I wouldn't have this crazy little business that I love.  

If I'm not tinkering in my studio, you may find me on the golf course with my family, at a softball game, swim meet, or sitting and knitting socks and sweaters.

Thanks for checking out my little corner of the web, I'm so excited to offer the benefits of "Less is More" in the way of soap and bath products to you! 

You may find our FAQ interesting...

Feel free to shoot me an email if you have any questions!  I love to talk shop. :)

-Missy Robinson

Owner, Dreamy Suds