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Vanilla Macaron Wax Melts

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Vanilla Macaron Wax Melts
Vanilla Macaron Wax Melts
Vanilla Macaron Wax Melts

Just look at these cutie pie wax melts! 

These 100% soy wax melts will melt into a shimmery pool of wax that will fill your home with the most amazing vanilla scent!  Not overly sweet and not flat - it's the perfect vanilla fragrance.

These babies last a very long time.  I use one at a time and it continually keeps my home vanillarized (that's right, I'm making it a thing) for several weeks!  Each package comes with 2 macarons.  Use one for yourself, maybe give one to a friend!  (or hoard it for yourself, I get it and no judgement here 🤫)

    Note: This wax is 100% soy designed specifically for electric wax warmers.  They will  perform best in the plate warmer models, not the light bulb warmers.

    Each package contains 2 vanilla macarons.  Nt Wt 2 oz.


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