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Shower Scrubbles

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Shower Scrubbles

All the bath lovers are SET with my luxurious Bath Bombs and Bubble Salts, but the shower lovers need some love too!

Shower Scrubbles are the answer!  Modeled after my bath bombs, I wanted to make a luxurious alternative for those of you who either don't have time to soak in a tub or just prefer not to.  

Shower Scrubbles are handheld single-use moisture bombs that will coat your skin with the most luxurious mixture of Cocoa Butter, Mango Butter and Kaolin Clay while bursting in bubbles laced with sugar for a creamy yet gentle exfoliating experience!  Use one once a week and your skin will be renewed, refreshed and feel amazing!

Sold in packs of 4, enough for a month's worth of skin care.   Currently available in Vanilla and Tropical Bliss. 

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