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Pumpkin Apple Wax Melts

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Pumpkin Apple Wax Melts
Pumpkin Apple Wax Melts
Pumpkin Apple Wax Melts

.Just look at these cutie pie wax melts! 

I blended these Halloweeny wax melts to be a little pumpkin and a little apple cider - and they're a dream!  I smell all the spices, cinnamon, clove and even a little nutmeg.  Viva la Fall! 

These are fragrant!  I've tested with 2 pumpkins in my wax melter and they last quite some time (you could probably just use one for a little Fall fragrance shot)!  Each package comes with 4 pumpkins.  

    Note: This wax is 100% soy designed specifically for electric wax warmers.  They will  perform best in the plate warmer models, not the light bulb warmers.

    Each package contains 4 Pumpkin Apple scented pumpkins.  Nt Wt 2.5 oz.



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