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Lip Balm - Pick the flavor!

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Lip Balm - Pick the flavor!
Lip Balm - Pick the flavor!

Luscious creamy lip balm sure to moisturize and protect those dry and chapped lips.  Loaded with moisturizing lip-loving butters and local (Black Diamond, WA) beeswax.  I literally have some variety of this luscious lip balm on my lips at all times. Yummy!

Buttercream:  Who doesn't love frosting?  Save the calories and use this on your lips - delightful!

Strawberry:  A yummy, juicy berry flavor for all day smackin!

Cucumber Melon:  A classic combo!  Try to stop licking your lips all day, I dare you!

Pineapple:  A Summery dream!  Beach hair, top down, sunny days and a fresh mani is what I think of with this one.  Yes please!

Mocha Latte:  This one uses essential oils to bring you balm that smells like your favorite coffee drink - extra cream please!

Doublemint:  Spearmint and Peppermint essential oils are a fabulous duo to drench your lips in minty goodness.  Bring it.

Ingredients:  Local Beeswax, Organic Coconut Oil, Raw Cocoa Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Mango Butter, Vitamin E Oil, Flavor/Essential Oil

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