So... soap?

Melissa Robinson

Welcome to my very first blog entry here at Dreamy Suds!  I thought it might be helpful for those interested in a little behind the scenes action of soaping over here in the Land of Suds.

So.... soap?  Why the heck did I start making soap and why am I such a freak over it?  Soap was a complete serendipitous endeavor for me.  A Facebook friend of mine, and someone I went to school with, shared a deeply personal battle with breast cancer very openly and candidly.  In doing so, she opened my eyes a little more into the dark side of "bad things in every day products", namely bath and beauty products.  I really felt like I was nailing it in the foods that we eat in my family, but it didn't really occur to me that if we take care of the stuff we put IN our bodies, we should consider what we put ON our bodies as well.  (My friend had a tumultuous experience that has forever affected her, but today she's free of regularly schedule treatment and doing quite well)

After realizing that I needed to up my game in more natural external products, I set out to find products that had less of the bad stuff and more of the natural stuff - and I found two things.  One - it's not all that easily accessible.  I could find very few options for truly natural products and even then, it was a million bucks and several weeks to get to me.  Two - it was possible to make the stuff yourself!  I mean who knew you could MAKE SOAP?!?!  My mind was blown, and it looked relatively easy to accomplish, though slightly concerning with pretty caustic chemicals. (makes no sense, right?  Desire to avoid chemicals, yet have to use chemicals to make it.  More on the science behind soap in a later post!)

So I set out to try it.  In all honesty, I thought to myself that I was going to try to make soap, use it, say I tried it and determine it wasn't for me.... but what happened was I made it, was so completely impressed with myself that I! Made! Soap! and between the chemistry of it all and the creativity if it all, I fell in love with the process - AND the product. 

Since then, there's always soap, but I've also expanded my horizons a little and I'm happy and proud to say that I've removed all commercial bath products from my family's bathrooms.  I now make all of our soap, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, face moisturizer and lotions!  Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would a) enjoy doing all this and b) actually like the homemade versions even better than the commercially produced ones.  My skin and hair has never been happier!

Now to wrap this up, I want to be clear.  I am not stating that using store bought products will cause cancer.  And I'm certainly not saying that YOU need to stop buying store bought products and YOU need to go more natural.  I'm simply sharing my story that products with less chemicals are important to ME and my family and that I choose to go through the effort of creating these products.  If you're interested in the topic, I encourage you to do your own research and form your own opinions on the subject and as for me - I'm happy you're here no matter what.  :) 



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  • You’re a rock star and your soap is amazing! I love the joy you’ve found in soap making. ???


  • Thank you Aunt Terrie! I love you too. :)


  • I am so proud of you, Melissa! Going to check your stuff out closer! ? Love you

    Aunt Terrie

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