September Featured Product - Hand and Body Lotion

Melissa Robinson

September's Featured Product:

Hand and Body Lotion

You might think that lotion is only for the Winter months, but skin needs moisture all year!  The temperature fluctuations in Fall can dry out our delicate skin, but it's easy to keep it happy with my Hand and Body Lotion!

You'll notice how different your skin feels with the very first pump.  It goes on silky smooth, it absorbs lightning fast and you can go about your business without having to wait for the greasy goo to disappear.  You might even notice all day as you touch your skin and think "Dang - my skin feels amazing!"  I scent this lotion lightly so that it's not overpowering, but pleasant.  

Made with a quartet of oils and butters chosen for their moisturizing power and non-greasy finish such as jojoba, avocado, almond and mango butter, this lotion delivers essential fatty acids and proteins to your skin drenched in moisture.  

Avocado oil lotion

There is something so amazing about this lotion, but don't just take my word for it - here are what some of my customers are saying:

Margaret D says: 

Pardon the pun, but hands down, this is by far some of THE BEST hand and body lotion I have ever used! It soaks into you dry skin quickly; leaving your hands softer than ever; without any greasy residue left behind. I will definitely purchase this product again, and I would recommend that you purchase some too!

Laurie R Says:

Love my lotion. Not greasy. Moisturizes my skin nicely and leaves a nice smooth feel. Will order it again.

Jim B Says:

This lotion moisturizes nicely to make my skin feel really good. Nice subtle scent too. I have tried many of Dreamy Suds products and am sold on the quality of the ingredients they use. Really great stuff!

If you are looking for a silky smooth hand and body lotion - give my lotion a try.  As this month's featured product, it's 15% off!  

If you've tried it, let me know how you like it in the comments below!  What is your favorite scent?

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