October's Featured Product: Dreamy Suds Bar Soap!

Melissa Robinson

October's Featured Product:

Dreamy Suds Bar Soap

With the release of my Fall soap, it is only fitting to make this month's featured product all about the Bar Soap!

The soft and silky lather, the inviting fragrance while you use it and your soft and silky skin afterwards - what's not to love about my Bar Soap?!  It's so Dreamy!  Along with cocoa butter, there is loads of olive oil and coconut milk in each and every bar - both of these provide the fats our skin just loves. 

What makes my bar soap so different than other soap?  I started backwards.  I knew what I wanted in the end result, so I reverse engineered it!  My decadent bar soap is full of cocoa butter.  Why does that matter?  I knew that I wanted a luxurious and creamy bar of soap that moisturizes.  I also knew that not all of the cocoa butter actually turns into soap during the soapmaking process, so a lot of the moisturizing benefits are left in the bar. 

See, it's my belief that if you're intentional with ingredients instead of cutting corners, the result is an exceptional product.  I'm not interested in finding the cheapest ingredient, I'm interested in finding the greatest benefit!

My soap has become a fan favorite.  See what people are saying:

Angela H says: 

Every soap smells great and feels good! Thank you so much!

Terri G Says:

I love this soap, it smells so clean and fresh. The great thing about all of your soaps is that with all the hand washing so many times a day now at home, my hands don't feel all dry and chapped like they would when using the commercial hand soaps. Love them!

Kristen T Says:

Love all of the soaps! This one has an amazing fresh scent without being overpowering. Will definitely order again! (Pink Grapefruit Bellini)

Now is the perfect time to stock up on your bar soap favorites (and new Fall favorites!) as this month's featured product, it's 15% off!

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