November's Featured Product - Bath Bombs!

Melissa Robinson

November's Featured Product:

Bath Bombs!

Ohhhhhh ya.  This is a good month!  It's November!  It's straight up Fall (my favorite season)!  Chilly nights, fire in the fireplace, dark evenings....  It's BATH SEASON - and that means it's Bath Bomb Season!

I have worked hard to formulate these beauties to have a benefit for YOU, not just a pretty show for your bathtub - and customers from everywhere are loving them!  My bath bombs have turned out to be my single best selling product.  

From the moment they hit your bathtub, you are immediately enjoying the scent filling the room...  as they slowly (and I mean slowly!) dissolve, you notice the color of the water transforming into an inviting pool for you.  But then, you actually get in the bath and all of the sudden.... you get it.  You understand why they are the best.  The avocado oil has literally mixed with the bath water which has transformed it into silk and you can immediately feel the softness on your skin.  Relaxation has never felt so good!

I have a hard time keeping up with the demand on these...  other small businesses scramble to keep them stocked in their stores and my customers can't get enough of them - they. are. amazing! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻  I am implementing some new production protocols to ensure I have stock for everyone, but it's not always an exact science.  If your favorite is out of stock - I promise there will be more soon!

Grab your favorite Bath Bombs and stock up -  as this month's featured product, save 15% all month!  

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