Kayla's Fun Suds!

Melissa Robinson

Did you know that it's a Family Affair here at Dreamy Suds?  Kayla is a soap crafter as well.  She is the creative director and artisan of the Fun Suds collection!  :)


Kayla is my 9 year old daughter and she loves to make things and sell them.  I'm certain that she's gotta a brain for business, I can't wait to see what she does as she gets older!  In the meantime, she's learning valuable lessons about all the aspects of creating products, marketing them and forming relationships with customers.  I told her from the beginning that even if there are no sales, we're having fun making soap together and she agrees!  That said, for every sale of her Fun Suds, I pass the earnings straight to her.  (We'll learn about the cost of goods and taxes a little later.  hahaha!)  I am immensely proud of her, she's working hard, spinning those creative little wheels in her head and having fun on top of it all! 

As for her product, Kayla creates Melt and Pour soap (I create cold process soap).  Cold Process soap involves lye and oils, whereas melt and pour soap is purchased in blocks of fully saponified oils and glycerin.  Kayla's process for melt and pour soap is to cut the block into smaller chunks and melt to a liquid state.  Then she gets to do the fun stuff like colors, fragrance and pour into fun shaped molds.  Pop them out when they're cool and voila! Fun Suds are born! 




Many Melt and Pour soap bases contain detergents, which I am not fond of.  They're chemicals and not skin-friendly.  Because of this, I source only detergent-free melt and pour.  This special soap is not created from scratch by us here at Dreamy Suds, but I make sure that the base I buy have ingredients that are detergent free, oil based and what I consider safe and lovely for our skin.  It really is a great soap, we use it in our home too! 

We have plans for the Fun Suds.  Kayla wants to do some fun soaps with little toys inside specifically kids, so be on the lookout for these!  In the meantime, if you're interested in some fun and lovely soap, think of supporting Kayla and her Fun Suds! 

Find the Fun Suds Collection here!



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