It's time for the Dreamy Suds Spring Release!

Melissa Robinson

It's still a little cold (and wet!) here in the Pacific Northwest, but it's time to start thinking of flowers and bunnies!  It's been a long and wet Winter here, so I'm excited to start seeing the sunshine and little buds on trees again.  I love the change of seasons - don't you?

Here at Dreamy Suds, it's time for some new goodies!  This season's Limited Edition varieties are: Lavender and Sweetheart!  

Lavender Bar Soap      

If you've been a customer of mine for a while, you'll notice this is a bit of a new format.  (and if this is your first time here, HI!)  That's right! I'm implementing seasonal releases throughout the year where you can find some dreamy favorites for a limited time.  Such fun!  Of course, there are some fan-favorite scent varieties that are standard and will be stocked year-round, so don't fret (I'm looking at you, Oatmeal Milk and Honey)

Seasonal Release Limited Editions aren't just for bar soaps, but many other products too!  Body Lotion, Hydrating Cream - even Bathtub Bubble Salt!  Just remember, that these are only going to be here during the season, and once we move on to the next release, they are gone until the next time!  

Viva La Spring!

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  • I love Lavender! So excited!


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