Ingredient Highlight: Avocado Oil

Melissa Robinson

Ohhhhh Avocado Oil, how I love thee. 

Have you ever played with oils on your skin?  Some of them can leave your skin feeling greasy or oily, others leave it feeling sticky, but then there are some that leaves your skin feeling not greasy or oily, but moisturized.  I call these "dry oils".

Olive oil for example is a greasy oil.  It is so lovely when saponified, it is very conditioning, but by itself without the morphing power of lye, it can be somewhat greasy on the skin.

Coconut oil a superfood!  It is full of medium chain triglycerides that is actually really healthy for your body, but remarkably, it can leave your skin feeling dry after rubbing it in your skin.  Even after saponification, it can be pretty drying.  It's a super lather booster, and I use it in my soap for those big juicy bubbles, but I use it sparingly due to the drying effect.


Avocado oil... Oh Avocado oil!  Avocado oil is one of those "dry oils" that I mention above.  It doesn't leave your skin greasy and it doesn't leave your skin dry.  It absorbs amazingly fast and leaves even rough patches nourished and soft.  It's a fabulous ingredient in soap, lotions, conditioners, scrubs, deodorants - you name it!  If it touches your skin, it will make your skin super happy.  I feel for people with allergies to this fruit, they're missing out. 

I have used Avocado oil in some of my soaps, but it can be one of the pricier ingredients, and while I'm all for high quality ingredients - when it's a component within a medley of other oils in a bar of soap, it just doesn't really get an opportunity to shine in a soap application.  It does, however, get a chance to show off all of it's amazing qualities in.... say.... a hand lotion. This is where I'll let it shine! 

I've incorporated the lovely qualities of avocado oil in my new hand and body lotion.  Combined with the powerhouse moisturizing mango butter, the combo of the two go on smooth, absorb quickly and leave skin feeling silky smooth.  I really do adore this lotion, I've been using for for quite some time now and I'm thrilled to be able to offer it to you as well.  I hope you'll give it a try and see all the benefits that avocado oil has to offer!


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