I'm a Side Hustler!

Melissa Robinson

If you're from the Seattle area, you probably know Carla Marie as one of the morning radio hosts of KISS 106.1 (Carla Marie and Anthony). What you may not know is that she also hosts a weekly podcast called Side Hustlers. Every week, she interviews someone who has a full time job and also runs a business following their passion. Well guess what? She had me on her podcast!

Carla Marie is amazing. Seriously. She's a badass Side Hustler herself so she gets the struggles and joys and everything that comes with a million things all at once. She knows what to ask and wants to see small passion-filled businesses succeed. I LOVED getting to meet her and talking with her!

We talk about why I started Dreamy Suds, how it turned into a business and some of the challenges I've faced. If you're interested in hearing it for yourself, just go here or you can find it anywhere you find podcasts for your phone - just search for Carla Marie Side Hustler!

I brought Carla Marie a few products to try out, her favorite was one of my newer products, Whipped Body Parfait! Hers was Pink Grapefruit Bellini, she loved the scent! (I do too, if I'm honest...)

Are you a Side Hustler too?  I'd love to hear about it, drop me a comment and tell me!

Dreamy Suds Side Hustler

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