How about that Coronavirus, huh?

Melissa Robinson

Amid the coronavirus panic and depleted stock of hand sanitizers in stores, I’ve gotten some emails wondering if I have any for sale or requesting I create some.⁠

I want to be clear because it’s important: Do not make or buy DIY hand sanitizer!! It is NOT safe or effective!⁠

Proper hand sanitizer is classified as a drug, therefore regulated and needs to be produced and labeled as such - because there is a concentration of isopropyl alcohol (not drinking alcohol - different substance) that needs to be present to be effective against virus and bacteria. IT NEEDS TO BE TESTED IN A LAB FOR EFFICACY!⁠

Think about it: 70% isopropyl alcohol (which is already diluted) is then diluted further with aloe vera and essential oils (which do not properly disperse in alcohol) to a level that is ineffective to kill germs. The user is then falsely convinced they are protected. What does this mean?  It means that someone may believe that they have killed germs that they may have come in contact with and didn't.  It means that they could get sick because someone didn't know what they were doing, did it anyway and the person that trusted them lands themselves in a hospital.

I understand that there is a global panic at the moment and everyone is scrambling to protect themselves and their families.  I get it.  I really do - but I want you to know that these untested drug products may end up doing more harm that good.  Believing you're protected when you aren't may be a recipe for disaster.

The CDC recommends hand washing USING SOAP AND WATER as the number one defense against this outbreak (and any other germs). Hand sanitizer - real hand sanitizer - is only to be used if soap and water isn’t available and is NOT a substitute for hand washing.  See the CDC guidelines here:

In my own house, I require we all wash before we leave the house, immediately upon our return, after we use the restroom and every time before we eat.  At a minimum.  I keep bar soap in a dish at every sink in our home!  I do have hand sanitizer as a last resort for when we're outside the house and water is not immediately available for washing. (I actually travel with a bar of soap!)

Stay safe everyone... keep washing those hands! I do not and will not offer hand sanitizer, but I am happy to supply you real soap to wash up properly!

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