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Melissa Robinson

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HEY!  Did you know there's a tremendous sale right now?  Christmas in July!  25% off the ENTIRE store.  I mean, who does that?  ME - that's who!  I love ya, I want you to enjoy some soap and bath & body products.... AND I need some help making room for the upcoming holiday season - I have a ton of fun things planned!

If you haven't been a regular user of Dreamy Suds stuff, I thought I'd help you out by sharing the Top 5 Best Sellers.  This is a solid list of my most popular items - I love them all, and so many of my customers do too!

  1. Bath Bombs
    1. This was a shocker!  I mean, I knew that they were popular, but Bath Fizzees were by far my best seller at my vendor booth at Maple Valley Days.  And for good reason!  They are wonderful in your bath, they make your skin feel amazing with all the avocado oil and smell SO good! Some of them even color your bath which is super fun.  These babies are awesome, and with this sale, it's a great excuse to try them out.
  2. Oatmeal Milk and Honey Soap
    1. This is definitely NOT a shocker.  This is my best selling soap, which is no surprise to me!  It smells amazing, it's creamy and it's dreamy loaded with goat milk, colloidal oatmeal and local honey - it feels amazing and smells like a dream!  I love this one, many of you do too.
  3. Exfoliating Espresso Soap
    1. You all love your morning jolt of caffeine both in your cup AND your shower!  This one has some added coffee grounds for a little exfoliating goodness.  It makes a great foot and elbow scrub too and it smells like love in a cup! 
  4. Dreamy Hand and Body Lotion
    1. This lotion is becoming super popular!  Packed with avocado oil and mango butter, It locks into your skin leaving it soft and smooth without the greasiness - I've had many reports that it lasts through several hand washings as well!  This bottle should last you a while, there's no need to reapply often.  (Did you know I can customize the scent of the lotion? If you want something other than my signature vanilla like essential oil, just request it!  If it comes in a soap or bath bomb, it can come in lotion!)
  5. Blue Steel Soap
    1. Awwwww yeeeeeah....  The Blue Steel Soap is for sure a fan favorite.  It's a fresh and clean smell that is awesome for the dudes, but it's also a great unisex scent too!  if you share your shower - and soap - with your significant other, this is always a great compromise.  (I'm out of Blue Steel at the moment, but Clean Shaven is it's not-so-distant cousin with an added "cologne" boost to make it a really great masculine soap - I like this one better than Blue Steel, personally!)

So there ya have it!  My top 5 best sellers here at Dreamy Suds.

Take a look at ALL the great stuff on sale this week, but these are really great bets if you're wondering what to get for your first purchase - or even if you're a regular user of Dreamy Suds - it's time to stock up on some favorites!  If you didn't see YOUR favorite on the list, let me know what it is!  

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