Combatting the Winter Skin Blues

Melissa Robinson

While Spring is just around the corner, some of us may be dealing with some Winter Skin Blues.  Winter can be a harsh season for our delicate skin!  The ultra cold weather, wind beating it down, chapping lips and drying out our skin.  Sometimes it can even be painful!

The key to combatting the Winter Skin Blues is hydration!  Seems easy enough, but it does take a little more focused effort in this extra dry season.  Here are some tips to help you get the best results of hydration to your skin.

  • Exfoliate regularly:  When skin gets dry, many of the cells actually die, which can be itchy and cause flakiness.  Use my Foaming Sugar Scrub about once a week to help slough off that dead skin.  The avocado oil in it is a powerhouse to combat Winter Skin and leaves your skin clean and revived. 
  • Take a bath!  I love this tip - who doesn't love a little relaxing self care?  My bath bombs are packed with avocado oil especially to moisturize.  The added emulsifier helps the oil to mix with the bath water so that it doesn't just float on top and actually does it's job! (it also allows the oil to drain fully and not leave an oil slick in your tub - I hate that, don't you?
  • Use Lotion:  Use a good lotion any time you feel like it, but especially after showering or bathing.  Your skin is most ready to soak up all that goodness after water exposure.  My Hand and Body Lotion contains a combination of 3 moisturizing oils PLUS mango butter as well as some hydrolized proteins and aloe vera.  They all work together to make your skin feel amazing - and NOT greasy!
  • Hydrate overnight:  Slather on some of my Hydrating Body Cream anywhere you need some extra TLC right before you go to bed.  Wake up to soft and smooth skin like a dream come true! (Pro tip, take that bath before you apply the hydrating cream and you'll be amazed)

Emerge from Winter and float right into Spring with your refreshed and renewed skin by following these tips.  Create some skin envy!  Your skin will thank you and everyone will wonder how your skin doesn't even seem to be PHASED by the cold weather they've been struggling with.  


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