Benefits of Taking a Bath

Melissa Robinson

Taking a bath. 

It seems like such a simple task... yet such a luxury.  Sometimes we're too busy, or we put others needs before our own.  The struggle is real!  However, there are so many benefits to a good soak that we should all consider practicing this simple task of taking a bath, if nothing else to remember that we matter too.

  • Relaxation - Think back to the last time you took a nice long soak.  Remember how you felt when you got out?  ahhhh bliss
  • Skin Care - When you use a bath additive designed to moisturize skin, a nice long soak will make a world of difference by allowing it to penetrate your skin!  
  • Aromatherapy - Choose a bath product or bar of soap that is a favorite scent and it will instantly chase your blues away
  • You Time - It's important to have a little time to yourself, so ask Daddy to take care of the kiddos for an hour and indulge - without guilt.

I admit, I wasn't a huge bath fan before.  I could never find the time and/or couldn't be bothered, but I tell you - I started taking baths regularly and my skin AND mood have both improved dramatically.  I highly suggest it!  Are you already a regular bath taker? 


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